Monday, March 29, 2010

PBS Frontline: "Obama's War"

In early October 2009 PBS Frontline aired the one-hour documentary “Obama’s War”, produced, written and directed by Martin Smith with assistance from William Cohen (former defense secretary?) The link is here.

Some time after President Obama takes office, a Marine company crosses into flatter southern Afghanistan from southern Pakistan, and is followed by a civilian but Islamic journalist. The Marines question villagers as to where the Taliban is and try to get them to farm their land and go to market. On Day 1, a 20 year old lance corporal is shot and killed, when he had just written home that he was going to fight a battle that his grandkids would study in school – a tribute to lineage that he would never have.

The middle part of the film covers the political corruption of Karzai’s government, where public officials still milk people for money.

The film has some of the up-frontness of "Hurt Locker".

Toward the end, the film covers the waffling of the Pakistani military in the new environment.

Frontline has a rather minimalist way of embedding a video, below, but it still works (taking you to the film -- segment "Connecting with the People" -- I like the concept "connecting"!). . The film is also available on instant play from Netflix.

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