Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"The Real Face of Jesus?" on the History Channel

On Tuesday March 30 the History Channel presented the two-hour documenrtary “The Real Face of Jesus?”with supporting article (web url) here.

Ray Downing, of Studio Macbeth, who had worked on the face of Lincoln, uses computer graphics and 3D technology (rather like that of the movies and Pixar) on the Shroud of Turin, eventually to reconstruct a face at the end of the film. A cloth from Spain was also used.

Reverse engineering (radially and directionally) from the image cannot reconstruct the image of the shroud, but you could use “slices” or slivers of light, rather like the approximations of integral calculus.

Early in the show the scientists remark on how much bleeding and brutalizing the man had endured.

The Shroud of Turin is an “instruction set” for building a face.

The Fox News Channel offers this YouTube video on the Shroud:

MSNBC has a detailed article here.

Wikipedia attribution link for older picture of Shroud

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