Thursday, April 29, 2010

ABC starts the funky "Happy Town": a "Fargo" with abductions?

I recall some trips to the far north country of Minnesota in my six years there, including a night at the Burnside Lodge near Ely, MN, and another weekend near the Northwest Angle, as well as a trip up to Thunder Bay, ON the Labor Day before 9/11.  The Burnside lake cabin had no connections to the outside world, no Internet; and I remember a dream about aliens coming into the cabin that night!

So it strikes me as funny that ABC would come up with a series about a small funky town in northern MN, called Haplin, making the series called “Happy Town” (don't let the name foll ya'). Some years ago there was a series of kidnappings in the town that remain unsolved, and all the sudden the mystery comes back. There’s a question of the supernatural: did someone have the ability to make people just dematerialize? Maybe these were abductions.

M.C. Gainey plays the funny sheriff, in a show that seems to aim at some of the effects of the Coen Brothers film “Fargo” back in the 1990s.  But the show goes even more rural, with images of fishing huts on frozen lakes; people really live in them during the winter.

ABC’s site for the show is here.

Wikipedia attribution link for NASA photo of Lake of the Woods (Northwest Angle). The hut picture is really from Maryland.

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