Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kitty Kelley inverviewed on NBC Today about her biography of Oprah, but turned down by many other hosts

Kitty Kelley discussed her ("unauthorized biography") book “Oprah: A Biography” (2010, Crown) on the Today show with Matt Lauer and others, and admitted she had been turned down for interviews by Larry King Live, Barbara Walters and Rachael Ray. Is that an indication of Oprah’s “power”?  NBC has the headline "unauthorized Oprah biographer blacklisted?"

Kelley talked about her motives for writing the book, as a professional author who needs to come up with best sellers about subjects that the public wants and hasn't read about yet.  (Writer's Digest used to say to aspiring authors, "write what other people want. No one cares about your own opinions.") Kelley explained that there was a demand for a biography of Oprah, and pointed out some interesting facts, such as how Oprah supported her mother (however Oprah’s father still supports himself).

Kelley had given TV viewers a lesson on British libel law back in 1997 when her book “The Royals” came out after the Princess Diana tragedy.

Update: Monday 19, 2010

Today Oprah presented Gerald Imes, brother of Mo'Nique, to confess abuse they were growing up, and said she was silent because "they family expects you to go along with it."

I heard Oprah mention her own experience with abuse ("reading was her only escape" -- reference ahed). I don't know if Kitty Kelley covered it in her book, above. But here is another source, "Oprah Winfrey, biography", link.

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