Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ryan Phillippe hosts SNL: remember his grand entrance to "54" in 1998?

Ryan Phillippe hosted SNL on April 17. Now, remember the scene in the 1998 Miramax film “54” where he gets into Studio 54. Well, now he’s 35, with his face cracking a bit, but he looks buff enough to be on the cover of Men’s Health, so he says. You had to take off your shirt and be inspected to get into Studio 54 in that movie. Sometimes, if you get singled out, you have to lose your shirt to a drag queen at Town DC.

Then, one of the best commercial’s ever for Broadview Security (formerly Brinks). The skit pulled your leg so well it really was an effective commercial.

Then the skits began, as usual. Phillippe played a teen later concerned about his lack of development. It got pretty explicit, and SNL may be the only place on major network television where you can get away with it.

I suppose that pretty soon we’ll have skits about jailhouse life for Wall Streeters who invented phony CDO’s to deliberately short and destroy them.

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