Saturday, May 22, 2010

ABC: "What would you do?" with health insurance copays; 20-20 on taking law into one's own hands

ABC’s “What Would You Do” with John Quinones presented several interesting situations.

For example, an actress pretending to a child home just a few blocks tested bystanders to see if they would help her bypass automobile breathalyzer controls.

Later, guests in a restaurant were tested by a manager who abused a female waitress.

But the most interesting segment occurred at a pharmacy where several situations were setup with patients hit by copays for pharmaceuticals that they couldn’t afford. They acted out, pretending that they could be seriously harmed because they couldn’t afford the medicine. In several cases, other customers gave them cash, although bystanders were more generous with elderly “victims” than a younger (female) victim of the copay act.

Then 20-20 covered the case of Aaron Vargas in Fort Bragg, CA, in Mendecino County, who plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter for killing a man who has abused him for thirty years. The prosecutor feared that it would be very difficult to empanel an impartial jury. A forensic psychiatrist characterized the older man as wanting to possess another manly man (a straight man) by manipulating him from youth. Chris Cuomo, himself an attorney, conducted the interview. Shana Druckerman and Lauren Sher wrote the “exclusive” news story here. Vargas told Cuomo, “people can take control of you in ways you can never imagine.”

Of course, the case is primarily about "taking the law into your own hands."

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