Sunday, May 16, 2010

CBS 60 Minutes makes expose on Deepwater Horizon from survivor Mike Williams

BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster survivor Mke Williams told his story to Scott Pelley (link)  tonight, May 16, on CBS “60 Minutes”.

Williams gave an account how a simple oversight or accident (committed by one unnamed but identifiable engineering employee) with the drill tube led to a progressive failure that should have been stopped.

The publicity surrounding the 60 Minutes report will surely have an impact on the Congressional hearings this week.

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The story claims that BP has another well that is even more dangerous than was Horizon.

The latest is a BBC story saying that the Obama administration called the BP plan "no solution". And we've heard the stories about the finger-pointing and conflict of interest with regulatory agencies.

Wikipedia attribution link for NOAA map of spill.

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