Sunday, May 30, 2010

History Channel: "America: Story of Us": Boom, Bust, WWII

On Sunday May 30 the History Channel aired three critical segments of “America: The Story of Us”: Boom, Bust, and WWII. The link is (web url) here. 

The “Bust” segment presented an interesting segment how a sell and cash order from an average private citizen in 1931 helped precipitate a secondary crash. The show explained how credit had expanded and how there was no safety net, no deposit insurance, certainly no bailouts.

The show also covered the dust bowl, and showed impressive pictures of huge dust storms reaching New York City, as well as the story of a girl who moved to Colorado for the “clear air” only to get dust pneumonia.

The WWII film covered the sudden ability of women to earn their own money in factory work on the home front, and then the preparation of men for DDay, which included shaving their heads.

It also covered the lack of radar in Hawaii before Pearl Harbor, and talked about the development of computers for the war effort.

It's interesting but coincidental that History's film about the dust bowl airs the same weekend that "Sands of Time" opens in the movies.

Wikipedia attribution link for NOAA dust storm picture, 1935

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