Saturday, May 08, 2010

History Channel: Ancient Aliens: The Mission

The History Channel now offers the series “Ancient Aliens” of 2 hour programs. On May 8, “The Mission”, which surveys all the historical legends for the visits of aliens, starting with the ancient Sumarians, whose writings present human beings as hybrid slaves. Later, the film shows the Nazca lines in Peru on a plain said to have been created by “mountaintop removal” very much like strip mining.

After covering Stonehenge, the film presents the crop circle evidence from England, including the hoax and the theory of plasma bodies.

Later the film presents the idea that the Moon was moved into position by aliens to make conditions on Earth perfect for life, and then proposes the idea that the Moon is hollow, and that the bottoms of some craters have never been found, and that the whole moon vibrates easily.

The link for the series is here.

Bethany Cobb from UC Berkeley discusses how to find earthlike planets for ForaTV.

Wikipedia attribution link for NASA picture of Mars sunset

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