Friday, May 14, 2010

"One Life to Live" on ABC does a "musical" on a senior prom for 3 days

ABC’s soap opera “One Life to Live” has a three-day musical event based on a senior prom (where "romance takes hold"). There are plenty of 80s disco songs, like”Cecile: It doesn’t matter what you say” and “Our lips are sealed”.  Somehow these episodes remind me of the muscial "Senioritis" (Cappies, dir. Glen Hockkeppel).

The soap has sometimes traded actors with “Days of our Lives”, especially the actress who played Mimi in Days, seems to be the same character here.

A few years ago, the soap was based on the idea that a mystery novelist’s story was coming to life. That’s the old “fiction in blogs” problem I’ve talked about on my main blog.

The most popular actor is probably Michael Easton as John McBain.

A few years ago “Passions”, when it was on NBC, featured a “Bollywood” musical episode.

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