Sunday, May 02, 2010

White House Correspondents Dinner lets Obama, Leno trade some crude jokes over the air

Jay Leno did his comedy routine, about rich people eating dinner, about color, about citizen papers, and even about “don’t ask don’t tell” as like an “ethics rule” in government that nobody can enforce, in his remarks at the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night at the Washington Hilton. It was carried on both C-SPAN and CNN (which had some technical difficulties). 

Obama has done more than any other president for the American car industry, except Toyota.

Leno showed a clip of Biden talking about “avatar” as a new gimmick.

He talked about Republicans having happy hour and liking to watch opposite sex couples “tie the knot”.

He played a clip of Nancy Pelosi demanding that everyone “be mandated”.

Obama had spoken earlier, saying “this is no ordinary dinner, this is a Big __ meal”. Obama said “my approval ratings are very high in the country of my birth.” "All of our jokes are brought to you by our good friends at Goldman Sachs. They make money whether you laught or not."  Scott Brown was characterized as a pop star. "John McCain couldn't make it because he couldn't identify himself as a maverick. (Dallas?)  You know what happens in Arizona when you don't have ID".  He also talked about his first pitch at the Nationals Game. "President pitches no-hitter".

Earlier in the day, CNN showed all the celebrities arriving, including Helen Thomas, the first woman to be invited to the event as far back as 1962.  The Jonas Brothers were present. The event was held at the Washington Hilton.

The C-span link to cover the dinner, which was broadcast, is here. Both Obama’s and Leno’s videos can be watched.

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