Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"60 Minutes Presents" examines the "family values" aspects of mob life in hour-long interview with John Gotti Jr.

On Sunday, May 30, CBS “60 Minutes” presented an interview by Steve Kroft with John Gotti, Jr., in a hour long special called “60 Minutes Presents”, a bit like “CNN Presents”. Gotti was a figure in the Gambino crime family who grew up worshipping his father, now dying of cancer in prison.

Gotti Jr. made various plea deals with the government and has left organized crime for a new life.

But the interview shows how the idea of family loyalty and “you take care of your own” and “that’s how it is” plays out. He also gave a theory rationalizing crimes, including murders.

He actually went to boarding school and did not understand what his dad did for a living until other kids saw his family on television.

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