Tuesday, June 08, 2010

AC360 keeps 'em honest tonight on BP's "collectors"

Anderson Cooper 360 tonight (Tuesday), in "keeping them honest", is slamming BP hard, showing the high definition video of the oil plume still coming out of the sea bottom, and presenting Congressman Ed Markey, who insists that BP's whole game has been about minimizing legal damage from the very beginning. BP remains very unwilling to talk to reporters, whether AC from CNN or David Muir from ABC.

Cooper's guests tried to estimate the "upper end" of how much oil is getting past the mechanical "debt collectors".   BP has been unwilling to talk about the underwater clouds of oil. 

USA Today has an article today by Elizabeth Weise and Doyle Rice, "How bad could BP oil spill get for the Gulf and the nation?," link .   Even a relief well is no sure thing.

I added AC to my twitter tonight, and, yes, he fills up Twitter pages fast.  But so does Ashton Kutcher.

Here is AC's interview (this evening) with five survivors of the rig blast on the day(s) right before the blast , story by By Scott Bronstein and Wayne Drash, CNN. "This is a crime scene, 5000 feet below the Surface." There was a big argument between BP and Trans Ocean  (url for website, called "Deepwater") 12 hours before over saving money v. safety.

Cooper also covered the hunt for birds covered with oil.

Wikipedia attribution link for "Gulf oiled pelicans".  They look like pickled specimens from Roswell, which would be funny if it weren't so tragic and horrible -- and weren't from real life rather than fantasy and horror.

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