Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PBS covers sensitive topic: people travel to Switzerland (legally) to end their own lives

PBS Frontline, on June 22, re-aired a program, a 50-minute documentary, from March 2020 directed by John Zaritsky, “The Suicide Tourist”, which presents the story of Craig Ewert, diagnosed with ALS, who travels to Switzerland to work with a group named Dignitas (link ). The PBS Frontline link is here and offers a link to watch the full program online.

The method is an orally consumed drink, with a fatal dose of a barbiturate than induces sleep in about five minutes. The person never wakes up.

Switzerland is the only country that allows emigration for the purpose of ending one’s own life.

The film does cover his relationship with his wife.

There is a review of “You Don’t Know Jack” on the Movies blog April 28, 2010.

PBS supplies this trailer on YouTube.

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