Friday, July 02, 2010

ABC 20-20 covers Katie Piper burn case in London; another warning about social media abuse

On Friday July 2, ABC 20/20 presented a one-hour account of the recovery of former British model Katie Piper, who suffered severe chemical burns in a savage and unusual attack on a London street in March 2008. The news story by Justin Sturkin, Jessica Hornig and Lauren Sher is here.

The report covered the medical aspects of her recovery, including unusual surgeries and medically induced coma at first, and her determination at the end to start a new life, and in a sense, the issue of forgiveness after justice in the courts.

But one of the most disturbing aspects of the attack was the way if followed an exchange on Facebook, where her ex-boyfriend tricked her into going out and revealing her street location to another accomplice. As noted in the US, on a few occasions Facebook has been used by “friends” to set up crimes, now a concern of insurance companies.

The link for the Katie Piper Foundation is here.

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