Saturday, July 24, 2010

ABC 20-20 raises issue of medical marijuana, other natural remedies for kids

ABC 20-20 last night raised a couple of controversial questions in pediatric medicine and learning. The second half of the program presented a boy with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The boy apparently benefitted from medical marijuana administered orally by the mother as a “tincture”.

Nightline followed with a Twittercast as to whether to legalize medical marijuna.

The ABC news story by Chris Connelly, Astrid Rodrigues and Jennifer Joseph (“Marijuana From Mom: Mother Says Drug Helps Son Cope with Severe OCD: Parents Resort to Medical Marijuana to Treat Kids with OCD, Autism”) is here. There was also a report of a child with a severe body motion disorder that parents attributed to vaccines. The child was successfully treated with natural remedies in North Carolina, and some people thought it was a mental disorder.

This sounds like something John Stossel would have covered in the past. 

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