Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ABC and Diane Sawyer interview Facebook "toddler CEO" Mark Zuckerberg as it reaches 500 million users

Tonight Diane Sawyer of ABC “World News Tonight” interviewed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Here is a clip.

At 26, Zuckerberg looks beefy and buff, maybe more so than the actor Jesse Eisenberg who will play him in Columbia’s film “The Social Network” this fall.

The interview showed the inside of Facebook’s quarters in Palo Alto and also showed Zuckerberg’s girl friend, a medical student. (His mother is a psychiatrist.) His speech is somewhat deliberate and probing. The TV interview showed a glimpse of a chess game from a real position (unlike a New York Times photo some time back).

Zuckerberg said that he has no regrets for any “mistakes” as they make someone who he is. He also discussed briefly a recent and controversial claim of ownership against Facebook, and said he was quite sure that the company never made the promises claimed.

Diane Sawyer started a profile, as had Leslie Stahl on CBS 60 Minutes when Zuckerberg was 23 (for that interview, see the "BillBoushka" blog posting December 2, 2009). Facebook recently logged it’s 500 millionth user.

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