Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ABC Nightline interviews WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

On Monday night, July 27, Terry Moran on Nightline covered the WikiLeaks “scandal” Then Moran (and Jim Shudo) interviewed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (from Australia), who says he is a combative person and likes to “crush b_”. Later Robert Gibbs, White House press secretary, was shown saying that the leaks are against the law and could be harmful.

But Wikileaks is less an organization than a movement. It has no paid staff and no home, and uses many servers to make it hard for any government to trace. Assange, given his background, finds he has to live “on the road” and a bit on the run. Soon someone will want to make a movie about him.

Assange has suggested that some soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are guilty of war crimes.

Generally, the media has said that the WikiLeaks activity has shown up foreign policy problems and serious issues with the reliability of other governments, especially Pakistan.

Later Nightline interviewed Zac Efron, talking about his movie “Charlie St. Cloud”.

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