Saturday, July 31, 2010

CNN Larry King Live interviews Michael Moore at Traverse City Film Festival

Larry King Live on CNN on July 31 presented a sobering hour on whether and when prisons can rehabilitate criminals.

Former Texas inmate Duane “Dog” Chapman explained how the Texas prisons were self-sufficient farms where everyone worked and where he was told there was no rehabilitation, just punishment.

Vernel Crittendon spoke for rehabilitation.

But Pat Brown said that some people can never be rehabilitated. However people who committed crimes in a gang context probably can be.

On Thursday, Larry King had interviewed Michael Moore at the Traverse City, MI film festival, which will present more than 100 films. Michael Moore defended the behavior of PFC Bradley Manning, whom Moore says answered a higher calling than the chain of command in the military. Moore also said that companies have become the “de facto government” and said about the BP Deepwarer Horizon oil spill and cleanup, “nothing works any more.”

He also interviewed Shawn Johnson, a victim of stalking.

Here’s an earlier LKL interview with Arizona governor Janet Brewer.

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