Sunday, July 18, 2010

PBS "Classical Destinations" traces the boyhood of WA Mozart on Salzburg

Tonight, WHUT aired an opening episode of “Classical Destinations”, about Salzburg, Austria, birthplace and childhood home of Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, that is “Amadeus”, born to Leopold and Anna Maria Pertl.

WA Mozart was composing at age 3, and was a prodigy with the violin as well as piano, and began European tours in early childhood.

The show excerpted much of his music, including arias and the “big” G minor symphony (I like the little one).

The show lasted only 20 minutes in a 30 minute slot on Howard University PBS television.

It’s a good question when Mozart’s mature style had evolved, but certainly by about K300 he had (for example, the E-flat Sinfonia Concertante) reached his full expression of originality.

I received a present in college of a recording that included an early B-flat Cassation, I think it was K99. I’ve never warmed up to very early Mozart.

Here is the website for the program.  The next episode is said to present Franz Schubert.

Here’s a YouTube of the show's theme song.

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