Friday, August 06, 2010

"Days of our Lives" seems to be going down the tubes (sleepwalking crimes?)

Well, “Days of our Lives” has really nosedived. Now there is something going on about Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso) getting drugged with sleeping pills and going on a crime spree. Now she wants to see every last detail of anyone she hurt, including Bo, whom she almost torched.

I don’t think any drug makes people do what they don’t want to do. Although it's true that 20-20 has covered crimes committed by sleepwalkers (and Bellini wrote an opera about sleepwalking).

Remember how “Days” ruined the “Shy and Mighty” character Nick Fallon? (Melanie ruined him.)

The show was pretty good a few years ago when they Marlena on her spree, and then undid everything from the grave and sent everybody to Stefano’s island replica of Salem.

Salem seems to be located simultaneously in several Midwestern or Great Lakes states, but Route 13, which goes north to south through the middle of Ohio, gets mentioned. I never knew that Ohio has a mafia.

Days (Corday,NBC) seems to have a proclivity to fire actors, or run them off. They just suddenly wrote Shawn and Belle out of the script (two of the best characters).

What a tribute to the American heartland. I wonder how much time the soap has left.

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