Saturday, September 04, 2010

ABC's "Mind Secrets" shows details of brain surgery, including burst aneurysm

ABC Primetime’s “Secrets of the Mind” showed brain surgery (Thursday, Sept 2).

A woman with neck pain, apparently related to carotid problems, has an aneurysm which ruptures on camera during surgery. The surgeon has three minutes to bring it under control.

A woman with epileptic seizures has delicate brain surgery. Her family, including her six-year old daughter, watch her all the time and plays “mommy.”

A 50 year old woman is raced into surgery with a tennis-ball-sized blood clot causing a coma.

Dr. James Bales at West Virginia University explains all the procedures.

A woman faces the possibility of memory loss because of surgery, but comes through fine.

The broadcast also showed pediatric brain surgery.

Through the workplace, I have personally known of two coworkers whose spouses had brain aneurysms burst.  It can happen suddenly without warning to anyone; sometimes there is severe headache first, sometimes there is instant coma.

This ABC “Secrets of the Mind” series reminds me of a grade school reader. “Streets and Roads” and then “More Streets and Roads”.

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