Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bill Clinton, Colin Powell appear on "Meet the Press", hit education hard

Bill Clinton followed Colin Powell on David Gregory’s “Meet the Press” on NBC Sunday Morning, Sept. 19.

Clinton defended Obama’s health care reform, the benefits of which are spread out over several years. He talked about “Republicans” (maybe Tea Partiers) who want to repeal it, saying that they object to the idea that 85% of premiums really have to go to providing health care, and that insurance companies can no longer dump people on the government (or maybe their families – he didn’t say that).

He also said that there are about five million jobs now for which the nation doesn’t have adequately trained workers. If the workers were available for these jobs, the unemployment rate would drop below 7%.

Powell said earlier that the problems with education start in the home, with very young children not properly loved and attended to and taught to “mind.”

The descriptive link for the show is here.

CNBC will have a “Town Hall Event” with president Obama Monday Sept. 20, 2010. Trouble is, NBC’s “The Event” starts tomorrow, too. Oh, I see now: The Town Hall starts at Noon Monday.

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