Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"The Event": the answer is already out: are "they" from another planet, of from the future?"

Well, we know where the plane went. And we know who the “prisoners” are. Since people have seen it, it’s not spoiling anything. The prisoners being held came from a 1944 plane crash in the Arctic, and they are not of this world. The look like people, have 99% of the same DNA (more than chimpanzees) and age much more slowly. And Sophia is one of “them”. And they have been escaping, merging with the “general population”. And they have an agenda, like V.

Or maybe they come from the future, and have to be held to keep them from changing it. Sound like The 4400? Get out the promycin.

Or maybe they will “replace” us. Get out “the Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, minus the seed pods.

And Sean is being framed. He escapes the second plane crash in the desert, and finds the cops will charge him with a murder he knows nothing about. It all started with the hotel key business.

True, we saw what happened to the girl friend.

My own novel has a concept called “soul contraction”, which I thought could be part of the “answer”, where a bizarre virus connects the souls of people and amalgamates them. OK, maybe I shouldn’t give this away, before it becomes the premise of still another network miniseries. But even that is a variation of “Body Snatchers”.

A public announcement that extraterrestrials who look like us are among us would indeed create “The Event”.  But a Clark Kent could walk among us and just seem like a very good kid.

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