Sunday, September 05, 2010

Is NBC's upcoming "The Event" a crossover from ABC's "FlashForward"?; A note on MLB TV and Strasburg

Last night, at a Regal Cinema, I saw a pre-preview for the NBC Series “The Event”, written by Nick Wauters, directed by Jeffrey Reiner.

Apparently an appealing young man played by Jason Ritter goes looking for a missing girl friend and stumbles into a layered conspiracy that is bigger than anything we can imagine. He’s characterized as an “average guy” but gets to pretend to be Clark Kent. And, “What is the Event”? It’s not assassination, it’s not the CIA coup or some right wing (or left wing) plan to take people away to reeducation camps. It’s something “bigger”. The “Event” will change who we are and the way we live forever.

I guess the logical that “it” is an alien landing and alien abduction. “V” perhaps? Or maybe “there really is going to be another blackout”, as if the show were a hidden crossover from ABC’s “FlashForward” last season. (Watch out if you go to a baseball game at Detroit’s Commercia Park. I didn’t see Joseph Fiennes in the preview. And I didn’t see Anna either.)

The NBC series starts Monday Sept. 20. Will it take off like “Heroes”? Well, “FlashForward” disappointed the ratings beancounters, even though I found it had a real hook.

One other thing. In 1997, a young female jogger disappeared near Lander, Wyoming, with tracks that just ended. There was a rumor that "she went up."  I wonder it "The Event" is motivated by that incident. I have a screenplay script (called "Titanium") about a young reporter whose fiancee disappears while jogging in Texas.  There are things about the young reporter's personal life (both gay and straight) that have complicated his relationship with her; but in his "investigation" he discovers a right-wing "re-education Academy" set up in west Texas, and then finds that apparently extraterrestrial or supernatural influences have been brought to bear on the group. Part of the plot has to do with "contraction" of souls into a finite list (rather like past proposals to "contract" the Major Leagues into fewer teams).  I don't know how close to the mark of "The Event" this is. I guess one should not give away too much in blogs (like I do) or in screenwriter groups on Facebook.

On baseball, and TV and video (where almost everything is not available for replay to the public):

The MLB video (ESPN) of Stephen Strasburg’s last pitch in Philadelphia Aug. 21 makes for some interesting “acting.” The link is here.  Note Strasburg’s body language in beckoning management to the mound.

Having finished the Tommy John surgery (with all the preps) they say he will be out 12 months, rehabbing in sunny southern California. Maybe he could host “Saturday Night Live” on NBC in the mean time. (On that show, both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and later Taylor Lautner, still 17, demonstrated tumbling talents on stage.) He’s already done one jokester video, and established himself as a media personality. Looks as effective as an actor as a baseball player.

MLB offers short clips of plays for free viewing, but charges subscriptions for games.

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