Sunday, September 26, 2010

Larry King interviews Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter appeared on Larry King Live tonight, which I caught at midnight after a day in the mountains.

He mentioned that on inauguration day, 1977, he pardoned those “draft dodgers” who had “fled” to Canada, action that at the time some people saw as treason. How times have changed.

He mentioned that during his presidency, he attended the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC, which is the church I grew up in. He mentioned that he taught Sunday school there most Sundays in the back balcony. I recall a lesson on the adultery chapter (“adultery by thought”).

Carter also discussed his current church-related activities, which have changed. 

He suggested that the Tea Party has Congress polarized and will influence the “mid term exam” elections, but may burn itself out. He suggested that he would have liked single payer health care.

Carter’s new book is “White House Diaries”.

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