Monday, September 13, 2010

"Nate Berkus" show premiers today Sept. 13

The Nate Berkus Show premiered today, in Washington DC on NBC Channel 4. Nate had often appeared on Oprah Winfrey, on ABC, and was known as the Style Guru. His main corporate site is here.  But the website name for the show is based just on “Nate”, here

One of his major sponsors is Lowes. It appears that the show may appear on different networks at different times in different cities.

The first project was a kitchen makeover for a would-be schoolteacher.

The second project concerned the color scheme for a bedroom. He would ask a question and ask the customer to paint the answer with a color, like grade school art class! (By the way, brown is really orange!) He said that “black stops the eye.”

He said “Realistically, I cannot go home with everyone as much as I would like to.” (Pun?) He also talked about software that displays Nate’s Brain (not “Donovan’s Brain”) – that is, his “Instant Design Studio” that shows designs in 3D. The software may track back to Intergraph, architectural design software from a Dallas company that was big stuff in the late 1980s (when I lived there).

Nate went to a grade school class on what to wear for the show (sartorial taste). There was a “joke” about when to go to a commercial. He told them that every “boy on TV” wears makeup, even Ironman. He said, “I was born on stage” and there is “nothing wrong with being on TV”. He also introduced a volunteer back-to-school organization “First Day New York” here.

Frazier Moore has an AP story at ABC “Designs for Living Well” about the show here and characterizes it as a “talk show”.

HSN has one of many YouTube previews:

Nate survived the 2004 tsunami and the story is told on the Wikipedia article about him; he has also told the story on Oprah.

If I had my own TV show, it would be hard for me to be that “open” with guests. I guess I like Anderson Cooper’s “Keeping them honest” style.

But, after all, this is major network daytime TV. It’s not CNN.

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