Saturday, September 25, 2010

NBC Dateline: "In Broad Daylight"

On Friday Sept. 24, NBC Dateline started its 2010-2011 season with a 2-hour docudrama, “In Broad Daylight”, about disappearances of two teenage girls in nearby Southern California towns near San Diego, both with tragic conclusions. It is narrated by Keith Morrison. The main victims were Amber DuBois and Chelsea King. The main link is (wesbite url) here.

The case led to California to adopt Chelsea’s law. In the case, the prosecutor was able to prove the case against Chelsea’s death first, but had no physical evidence for the Amber case. To solve the case for all the victims’ families, the prosecutor agreed to accept a guilty plea for the Amber case in exchange for life without parole.

Amber’s mothers talked to him through a prison phone at the end.

At the end, the documentary looked into the mind of the psychopath (J Gardner), a topic covered in a recent issue of Scientific American. A forensic psychiatrist had recommended the maximum sentence for a smaller offence six years earlier. He had over a hundred violations of parole. His GPS monitor was never monitored, because he had been considered only "moderate" risk.

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