Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NBC Dateline: "The Perils of Parenting"

On Monday September 13, NBC Dateline presented a one-hour “The Perils of Parenting”, one hour, at 10 PM EDT. The show set up reality situations, especially focused on bullying. Kids were told they were applying for parts in a show, when actors showed up and one started teasing the other. The show indicated that while many kids bully and have been bullied, most “stand by” and the reality test showed them how to respond.

The show also spied on kids texting while driving, and also dealt with curfews and situations where parents should come and get kids out of a dangerous situation, no questions asked.

Parents go through dangerous times during the teen years, as teens learn to drive and deal with the unforgiving hazards of life, with teens who (as Dr. Phil puts it) can’t see around corners.

The link is here.

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