Thursday, September 16, 2010

NBC resumes "The Apprentice" in old-fashioned style tonight

On Thursday September 17, NBC reissued its reality series “The Apprentice” with a 2-hour premiere. It was back to regular people, and tonight they were people struggling with the recession, including a former sales manager from Michigan with a wife and five kids.

As was done in season 1 a few times, it was the Men (Octane), led by Gene, vs. The Women, led by Nicole (no relation to the villainess in “Days of our Lives”). The task was to design a modern office space in a cramped Soho streetfront. The men made the space more open (almost disco like), and Trump wasn’t in love with either one (he particularly didn’t like either board room), but he gave the win to the Men.

There was plenty of manual labor, like painting, in the tasks.

I wonder how Nate Berkus would have created the office space. I also wonder what Trump would think of Facebook's office space, which is certainly very male to all appearances.  Has Trump ever met Zuckerberg in person or in a TV show?

The girls had a real cat fight in the Board Room. Nicole’s team didn’t like her, and Donald Trump fired her, and then said afterwards that he would set her up for an interview with the Miss Universe Pageant.

Remember Troy McClain, in season 1, who got his legs waxed (mentioned in Trump’s “How to Get Rich”). Here’s a YouTube about him.

Troy McClain and “Beyond the Obvious”.

Another one of the apprentice candidates from season 1, Sam, has been involved in Potomac Tech Wire and its Digital Media conferences.

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