Monday, September 20, 2010

What is "The Event"? The Pilot has some good clues; storytelling out of sequence; Is Sean an ordinary guy or is he superman?

Well, the scene where Sean Walker (a very appealing Jason Ritter) finds out that his girl friend has disappeared, starting when his cruise ship magnetic key to his room doesn’t work, is very well done.

As to the rest of the Pilot  ("I Haven't Told You Everything") (for "The Event" on NBC, created by Nick Wauters), I wondered how effective it is to jump around in time. The writers know the answer, so they’re throwing clues to the viewers.

But Sean is the hero, and it is through his “experience” that one uncovers the “Plot” (Irving Wallave style). It isn’t particularly effective to make one of the hijackers, except that he doesn’t act like one, in the first scene of the story. But, then, you know he is a nice guy.

But real life mysteries are often explored by jumping back and forth along the time arrow. Something happens, and you have to review all the foreshadows in your life.

I wondered what the significance was of the scene where he saves the other girl. I guess “they” are testing him to see if he really can “do the job”. (Okay, “there is no ‘they’”.)

And the 9/11-like event – that is, resembling Flight 93 – as the plane approaches, it’s no surprise to see military jets shoot it down, but it doesn’t go down. It dematerializes. It rather resembles the opening of USA’s “The 4400”. And I don’t think this show has a Jordan Collier, although Sean is a bit like the Shawn of that other show.

Something else, here, too. As the descending plane approaches the Florida estate, there occurs one of Allstate's "random windstorms" with mayhem. Reality turns on and off.  This wouldn't happen with an "ordinary" plane crash in the physical world. (I'm reminded of the 1985 Delta crash in Dallas at DFW, which was supposedly caused by a microburst; I heard about it in the car radio immediately as I was living there then. That event would have effects that are little known. Maybe the writers are cluing us back to that disaster rather than to the obvious Flight 93 analogy.)

Laura Innes is pretty chilling as the woman who knows everything, and hasn’t told the president. Yes, she just isn't "telling".  Time for my "do ask, do tell."

So far, my take is, well, this is Stephen Hawking territory. Maybe "The Event" is a jump to a parallel universe, and then a jump back. I mean, if you were in a hotel, found your key didn’t work, and found security carting you away, you might already think you were in the wrong universe, or maybe in one of those dreams in “Inception.”

This show is Christopher Nolan territory. And in any case, the question "What is The Event?" sounds like a pop quiz (on a card) question in a Freshman English class on a reading assignment.

I’ll just add this: There’s going to be another blackout.

BBC: Who lives in the 11th Dimension? “Some of these parallel universes may look just like our, except you’re not there.” Until “The Event”

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