Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Smallville" ends ten year reign with Series Finale: How Clark becomes a man of steel

The ten year Smallville series on CWTV (originally WB) concluded Friday May 13 with a two hour “Series Finale”, two hours, in two parts, but still rather like a feature film, looking good in HD but it really could have used 3D.

The “film” (from Tollin Robins and perhaps “Warner Independent Pictures” if ever resurrected), chronicles the “The Event” (pun intended) that provides a 24 year old Clark Kent with his final rite of passage, into wearing the cape of Superman.  It may seem pretty silly. A Mars-sized asteroid, hot and boiling, approaches Earth.  (Here we enter the province of bad SyFy channel movies.) The government wants to blow it up with nuclear weapons, with fallout destroying a third of the Earth’s population (familiar?) but the Man of Steel can go to the Fortress of Solitude for his final inspiration and just push it out of the way.

The Finale begins with hesitating references to a wedding between Clark and Lois Lane, applicable in the post William-Catherine days. 

With an apocalypse approaching, I wondered if “Sofia” from the Event could join a resurrected Lex Luthor for a cameo, of it Clark could use any help from “Sean” (Jason Ritter), who is, after all, “one of them” too.

Lex returns, and the epilogue of the film says that he becomes "President of the World" in 2020 (Lex, not Bill Clinton or Mark Zuckerberg).

Clark, however (maybe like Sean) became totally human in his upbringing. The best seasons of Smallville were the first two, where Clark (who would be a very mature 14 in Earth years and a high school freshman when the meteors hit) is still a teen just trying to find out who he really is and why he has these powers. He can slip (with red kryptonite around) but usually he rises to every occasion, blows off temptation, and gradually turns into a Savior. 

I like the concept that Clark becomes a journalist in his public adult life, rather like an Anderson Cooper (with those "Timo" glasses).  He'd rather "keep 'em honets" than set up a front and sell insurance and trade leads.

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