Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Days of our Lives" has an openly gay character (finally?)

Today, as I turned on Corday/NBC’s “Days of our Lives”, for the first time I saw an openly gay story line. Sonny (Freddie Smith) tells Victor that he (Freddie) is gay, and Victor actually worries that he’ll get beaten up in conservative Salem, which is supposed to be a fictitious big city in [red state] Ohio (there is a small town by that name).  How will Stefano take to this?  Here's an EW story. I notice, by the way, that Dustin's "Soap Opera Fan" site still keeps the detailed summaries. 

I have to admit I’ve kind of lost interest in Days, as it has gotten silly, with the “two Rafe’s”, and so on. A few years ago, the premise of a Caribbean replica of Salem and the abduction of all the characters from graves after Marlena’s spree was actually interesting. I’m surprised it has survived this long. Look at what happened to Passions, which used to be on at 2 PM.   And an Internet channel supposedly will pick up “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” from ABC.

A couple years ago, one of “Days” best characters was the geeky Nick Fallon (Blake Berris), whom the show proceeded to “ruin”.  At one point, Nick was tricked into playing dad to another woman’s children from a casino.

But, finally, a gay story line on Days.  It needs it now.  The problem with a gay character in this soap is that he won’t do anything to make any of the other “men” jealous, especially over Sami.

Days has a habit of just suddenly writing characters out of the script, like Malena, and then Sean and Belle. 

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