Monday, August 01, 2011

CNN: "Get It Done"

Sunday July 31 CNN was to hour a two-hour special “Get It Done” on the debt ceiling crisis.  Instead, Obama announced an imperfect deal around 8:10, so the two hours were spent in their more typical news analysis of the debt crisis. There was a sense of relief.

Velshi and Zakaria especially have been repeating the concept that , once Congress has appropriated funds, it should not have the ability to threaten not paying bills already incurred for some party’s political “gain”.  There is no way to do this without effectively taking and “killing” hostages. Obama might well have had the right to invoke the 14th Amendment.  This was a form of extortion.

Indeed,  there is a feeling that the president has been bullied into a rightward direction. Nancy Pelosi was reported to be unsatisfied with the deal.

To pass this evening, the deal will need votes from both parties.

Princeton history professor Julian E. Zeliler has an interesting perspective, “This is no way to run a government”, where he speaks of “taking prisoners”, here

I sure hope this doesn't fall apart in the House (or even Senate) today. Remember, Bachmannn would not raise the debt ceiling (and pay all the nation's bills due now) under any circumstances. The video shows where she is coming from.

There is hope for a live vote on CNN  (and C-Span) Monday evening on the House vote.

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