Sunday, September 04, 2011

AC360 covers corporal discipline of children by some religious parents

Anderson Cooper  AC360 has aired  (Sept. 2) a two-part report, “Spare the Rod, spoil the Child” or “Ungodly Discipline”, with Gary Tuchman reporting, featuring Michael Pearl (and wife Debi), authors of “To Train Up a Child” (No Greater Love Ministries).

Pearl says there is a difference between training and discipline, but also says punishment must sting a little physically (must hurt).

The report covered the Independent Baptist Alliance (site) churches as particularly involved.  There was a segment where girls were sent away for training and packed many ub a room and not allowed to use the lavatory, being forced to wear diapers and accept the humiliation when the results are shown, as if there were something godly about advanced toilet training as part of future “family life.”

When I was substitute teaching, the ability to implement discipline was a big issue.  But corporal punishment never happens in northern VA schools, as far as I know. (See the “BillBoushka” blog, July 25, 2007.)

Picture: from the Warrenton, VA Jail Museum, recent day trip

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