Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PBS Frontline: "The Man Behind the Mosque": "An Optimist in Haiti"

On Tuesday, Sept. 27, PBS Frontline presented a 40 minute segment “The Man Behind the Mosque”, directed by Don Read, about the plans or inspiration of real estate developer Sharif El-Gambal to build a community center (not necessarily just a mosque) on Park Place, about three blocks from Ground Zero in lower Manhattan.

I visited the area in October 2010. There is an Amish market near the site.  Surprisingly, a lot of people on the street did not know where the site was when I looked for it.  I was on my way that day to the Poisson Rouge. 

The documentary did cover the arguments pro and con, which zip past one another.  Later Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, appears.

The PBS link for the episode is here

Then Frontline presented a shorter film, “An Optimist in Haiti”, about the efforts of Lionel Pressoir to make the town of Milot, Haiti into a travel destination.   A couple of old momuments and forts are shown. Cruise ships do offer limited travel nearby today.

Last picture: Mother's trip to the Caribbean, mid 1990s. 

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