Friday, November 04, 2011

ABC replaces a daytime soap opera with a cooking show, "The Chew"

I’ve noticed that a new daytime show “The Chew” has, at least in Washington DC, replaced “All My Children”.  This is a cooking, food and lifestyle show, replacing a soap opera.

There’s a good story about it in the Time-Picayune in New Orleans by Dave Walker here

ABC "Go" has a “Beta” site for the show here

Today, there was an episode called “Treme food”, with very unusual dishes based on food sometimes seen as dangerous or unattractive.  There was the world’s smelliest cheese from France, a potentially poisonous fish from Japan (requiring a license to serve), and some bizarre pasta with crustaceans.

Cooking shows go all the way back to “Homemaker’s Exchange” in black and white back in the 1950s.

My own pictures here come from the Arlington Westover Market  Bierhaus– smoked chicken (maybe inspired by Colonial Williamsburg), for example.

Today ABC Affiliate WJLA ran a story about cooking for animals at Washington DC's zoo (link). These meals would not look good on Twitter pictures. 
Watch your table manners!

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