Monday, November 21, 2011

NBC "Rock Center" presents interviews, not quite a match for 360

NBC now has a new show Mondays, “Rock Center”, with Brian Williams, presenting more interviews somewhat in CNN AC360 style, but often with different reporters, and one at a time, pretaped, rather than live on the show.

There were a couple more interviews tonight about Jerry Sandusky at Penn State, and one understudy said, “no, he was not a monster”.  There was also a long panel discussion about the effect of the scandal on Penn State, which depends on NCAA football for money.

Rahm Emanuel was interviewed, and he said he would never be interested in the presidency.
The most interesting interview was that with Betty White. The comedy I remember her for is “Life with Elizabeth”, back in the 50s.  It would always end with “Elizabeth, aren’t you ashamed?”  I would tease a girl in fifth grade who said she changed her name to Betsy because of the show.

Brian Williams complemented her for acting and looking her age.

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