Wednesday, December 07, 2011

ABC "Castle" episode simulates a dream you can't get out of ("Inception"?)

The ABC show “Castle” – which, as noted before, explores the practical consequences of an author’s fictitious events (crimes) being imitated (that has happened in the soap “One Life to Live”, too) had an interesting problem is last night’s episode, “Cuffed”. 

Castle and Beckett wake up handcuffed together, in bed, in a episode that takes 15 minutes to get past load point. But the premise is sort of like that of “Inception”:  neither character knows how he or she got there, or who is to be feared (maybe a tiger that appears).  This is sort of like a dream you can’t wake yourself from – and medically, that can be dangerous.  Lives end that way, whether because of amnesia drugs or not.   In a dream, your experience seems very real – it may be what you want, or don’t want to let go of.  Or you may start running, and find your legs don’t work very well.  You walk as if your clutch was slipping. 

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