Sunday, December 11, 2011

CNN Heroes 2011: Internet service sets up international mentors; local columnist gets direct aid; birthing/midwifery project wins the top award

Robin Lin won the top award on “CNN Heroes: Everyday People Changing the World” tonight, in Los Angeles, in an event hosted by Anderson Cooper.   The link is here.

Lin’s work involved midwifery and helping women give birth safely in poorer areas. The organization is called Yayasan Bumi Sehta (“Healthy Mother Earth Foundation”).

There were a total of ten heroes honored.  Compared to NBC’s American Givers, they tended to have much more international reach. 

Amy Stokes has a program promoting international online mentorship.  It’s called “The Infinite Family”, link here
Sal Dimicelli has a newspaper column which helps procure necessities for hundreds of people a year, here.    He runs a kind of “Dear Abby” column in a small newspaper in Wisconsin, which he publishes (online?) but somehow investigates and starts the help-out effort himself.  It’s a good question how this could be duplicated in every community.

Derreck Kayongo noticed that soap was being thrown away by hotels and could be used in Africa to stop disease. 

Anderson was in a light-hearted mood as he introduced the program. He promised not to giggle, or behave like a 13 year old girl who had just met Justin Bieber.  I can think of more convincing Clark-Kent-like icons, on this show or not. 

The social pressure put on the public by shows like “CNN Heroes” and NBC’s “American Giving” raises another issue, which I’ll explore soon.

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