Monday, January 09, 2012

Ben Flajnik "reveals" on ABC's "The Bachelor": gets to monopolize 18 women

Well, I wasn’t a competitive enough young male in my day to pull anything off like Bachelor Ben in ABC’s reality show “The Bachelor”, link (website url) here

Tonight Ben Flajnik took his guests to his wine ranch near Sonoma, CA.   Maybe he’s seen the movie “Blood to Wine” (review on my Movies blog Dec. 10, 2010). 

The kids in the hometown put on a fairy tale play (not as existential as ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”), and Ben dresses up in several costumes designed by the screenwriting middle school kids.  (A good introduction to show biz for eighth graders.)  But in one scene, he disrobes to, well, a bathing suit.  Non of the ten women really notice – “thmooth”.   The mandatory swimming pool encounters with individual women follow. Was Ben ready to compete like Michael Phelps?

The concept of the show (as well as “Bachelorette” – part of the process) seems silly.  Maybe the show should let a gay man pick the bachelors.  That kind of inspection and quality control is the root of homophobia, perhaps.  (That’s what the 80s mag “Christopher Street” would have suggested, when writing about Ronald Reagan’s performance in “John Loves Mary”.)

At the end, Ben gives out some roses -- as pink slips -- and Jenna the Blogger cries about not being selected. Bad sport. Unbelievable!

Here’s the Hollywood Gossip blog on him; look at the picture in the Oct. 2 posting. 

 Picture: Not from show, but what does it mean when a house gets "TP-ed" on a Saturday night.  

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