Thursday, January 05, 2012

Penn Jillette calls "Celebrity Apprentice" an "improvised soap opera"

Sean Daly has a short blurb on p. 64 of the Jan. 5 New York Post, "'Reality TV is bull,' says 'Apprentice' star", link here.   The story refers to magician Penn Jillette and his comments about Donald Trump's "The Celebrity Apprentice".

The original "The Apprentice", however, was all for real.  Just ask Troy McClain.  Remember his act of courage "for the team" in the first season?  And the boardroom firings were real.  And the post-mortem analysis of job interview techniques was helpful to many people.

Penn & Teller's "BS" site  on Showtime is here.

(Incidentally: My review of PBS Nova's "Deadliest Volcanoes" is on my "disaster movies" blog yesterday ("threats to freedom).)

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