Thursday, March 15, 2012

ABC's "Missing": A mom will do anything to get her young back (but this isn't what the CIA is really like)

Well, here we have something with at least some gospel parallelism to my novel. You have a CIA agent whose career is or was covert. And the agent has to go all over the world to solve a mystery.

But here the comparison stops. In the Pilot of ABC’s new series “Missing”, Ashley Judd, as Becca, pulls every escape and hand-to-hand combat trick appropriate for a female James Bond. This is the stuff of the 60s, of world domination.

There is family, of course, at the center. The Pilot opens with Becca on the phone with her husband Paul (Sean Bean) in Vienna. When her 8-year-old son goes back inside to pick up a soccer ball, Paul’s car blows up.

Then its ten years later, and Becca has trained her 18 year old son Michael (Nick Eversman) to be fit. To make the show work, he has to go abroad for college.  So it’s off to Rome.

It isn’t long (about 15 minutes into the hour) that her son has stopped returning cell phone texts, and Becca is worried enough to go to Rome and snoop.  And pretty soon there’s an assassin on every corner.  And CIA Central seems to know about it.  Becca goes into non-stop martial arts.

Becca hacks into a security camera system to find the tape of her son’s abduction, and the evidence trail leads her to Paris.  As the episode ends, she’s floating in the Seine. 

I know, a mother will do anything to save her young.  (Becca says to one CIA agent, “I can tell, you don’t have any kids.”)  Mamma leopard will do anything for her cub (remember the NatGeo show recently?) 

But seriously, what’s interesting to me is not just the non-stop action (even without Sean Connery, Roger Moore or Daniel Craig), but the Mystery.  What is this conspiracy about?  (Remember how “The Event” started?)   For all we know, maybe Michael is “one of them”.  (Remember, in “The Event”, hero Shawn is an “alien” and doesn’t even know it.)

Some day I’ll look into what screenwriting TV episodes is all about. It sounds hard.

ABC’s main link for the show is here.

Update: March 20

Ashley Judd does an interview on her own bout of depression and her role in this series, on ABC Nightline, here

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Tchezm said...

The show is terrible!!! Stopped watching after the scooter chase ...the son having a code for I love u....attacking a gunman with a hanger...putting China in a backpack rather than a soccer ball....calling someone's cell phone in the middle of a club and being able to hear it.....and all the other ridiculous moments