Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anderson Cooper gives his thoughts on "STD site creator" interview; AC360 covers California's history with eugenics

Anderson gave his thoughts (link) after the interview Monday (on his own afternoon show) of Cyrus Sullivan, founder of “STDcarriers”.  I covered the substance of the interview and compared to other sources on my main blog.

Anderson Cooper will question and scold guests on his shows (including AC360) more than other talk show hosts.  I’m surprised that Mr. Sullivan even agreed to be on the show if he could not defend what he is doing with the site. 

I certainly get the point – he is facilitating the possibility that others will make false accusations that cannot be easily refuted – but at a much lower level almost any service provider may be doing this.  I explained the Section 230 implications on the main posting. Today, I replied by Twitter to Anderson, and send links and comments to both Huffington Post and Electronic Frontier Foundation.  This whole matter needs a lot more investigation.

Anderson had also covered the “Kony 2012” film and director Jason Russell.

AC360 on CNN has the second part of the story of California’s sad history with eugenics back in the 1930s, with Elizabeth Cohen reporting here.  The state even had corresponded with the Nazis on the issue.  North Carolina is trying to provide reparations, but California is stalling.  The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh has shown an exhibit on the issue.

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NoLimitList said...

Me, again Googling myself out of nostalgia. I did defend what I'm doing and would have defended it better, but when Anita told me what the structure of the show was going to be I thought Aftab and I were going to have a Q & A, but I was also suffering from severe sleep deprivation due to being a night owl living on the west coast having to get up at 4 AM PST to get ready for their 8 AM EST taping.