Thursday, May 31, 2012

Harvey Weinstein from TWC interviews Bill Clinton (when subbing for Piers Morgan)

Piers Morgan is inviting guest hosts to his CNN interview show, and on Thursday May 31, 2012 Harvey Weinstein (from TWC, The Weinstein Company) interviewed former president Bill Clinton.

“Bill” said that he thought Meryl Streep could play Hillary in some upcoming movie.  (Streep would be good playing a high school principal in my screen play; some people know what this is about.)

Clinton was asked about NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed ban on large sugar soda drinks, and Clinton said he supported it.  There followed some discussion of the growing obesity problem in the US, and Clinton went on to explain how much he enjoys his Vegan diet – he does have a little salmon sometimes, but no dairy, and he doesn’t miss it.

Clinton also discussed the critical nature of President Obama’s decision to authorize the raid that resulted in killing Osama bin Laden. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Katie Couric, the Jubliee Queen, and the princes

Tuesday night, ABC ran a special edition with Katie Couric called “The Jubilee Queen”.  Much of the episode consisted of interviews with the two princes, especially William.  
It did seem that the “boys” feel the social pressure to prove that they could have “made it on their own”, particularly in the military, and that they can “pay their dues”.  William also talkd about his own and the Queen’s concerns for the homeless.
The main link is here.  
Will William pick up his father’s passion for making film about the environment?  That sounds like a good idea to me.

Monday, May 28, 2012

"Access Hollywood" discusses attachment parenting, polygamy

At noon today (in the DC area, on NBC4), Billy Bush’s “Access Hollywood Live” featured a Memorial Day discussion of attachment parenting – motivated by the recent Time Magazine cover.

Husbands are expected to join in, at least with the older children, once the wife has a second child.  They talked about not only the breast feeding, but the “family bed” and backpack practices.

A lot of this comes from the books and work by William Sears (link), who keeps warning we are becoming a society unable to keep the social attachment it takes to raise new generations.

Later, Bush presented a polygamous father and his wives, moving to Nevada from Utah. When asked about gay marriage, the man (Tony Brown?) supported the right of anyone to choose his adult significant order.  The wives said that one woman’s child was everyone’s child.

There was also a replay of Conan’s spoof of John Travolta’s situation.

Video on attachment parenting by KVTVPBS


Saturday, May 26, 2012

NBC Dateline airs tale of bizarre "straight" New Years Eve circuit party in Miami

NBC Dateline re-aired a mystery last night, “Death of a Golden Girl”, with correspondent Dennis Murphy. The broadcast certainly embedded some interesting points about disco or bar security and policies. 

Kevin Klym and Paula Sladewski would drive down to South Beach for New Years Weekend from Detroit.  Paula would vanish, and Kevin would become a person of interest.

What’s interesting is Kevin’s account of being ejected from the bar around 5 AM when trying to get Paula to leave with him, and reaching for her.  Later, he talks about the dress code for the disco, where men could not wear shorts – in Florida.

Kevin was left alone, not knowing where Paula was or what might happen, already uneasy, and fearful.  And the worst fears would come to pass. 

All of this sounds odd to someone with experience in gay discos, where problems with struggles or fights are very rare (I’ve seen only two, one in Hawaii and one in London).  And I don’t understand dress codes that don’t allow, say, tennis shoes.  I remember that from back in the 80s, from the Greenville Ave. strip in Dallas.

Apparently the case is still cold.

The Dateline story link is here

Friday, May 25, 2012

NBC's "Awake": You create your own reality

I did catch the finale to Kyle Killen’s “Awake” on NBC last night, called “Turtles All the Way Down”, based on a paradox phrase popularized by Stephen Hawking.

I can’t tell, not having watched all of this, whether “Green”, “Red”, or “Both” were real.  We know that Michael Britten desperately wants a world with both his loved ones back. 

As far as I’m concerned, the Laura Innes character (Captain Harper) is really Sophia from “The Event”.  She seems like the same person, masterminding a supernatural takeover of reality.  It’s almost as if “Awake” were a sequel to “The Event”, or an example of what happens in a world that accepts angelic aliens.  Laura plays absolutely chilling lead female characters.  I would want her in my movie.

The close, where Dr. Judith Evans (Cherry Jones) simply freezes (I thought the cable service had hung), and then vanishes, is certainly interesting.  We don’t know exactly what external reality means, but it seems that Michael has entered a world he can keep for himself.  He’s like “Cobb” in “Inception”.  He just doesn’t have a thimble that can stop spinning.

In 2009, I had a bizarre reality-to-dream sequence, which another person involved seems to know about. Telepathy is the only explanation, as I’ve never spelled it out online (nor has he).  The other person may have gotten some personal development that he really wanted.   I won’t spell it out here, but it could work in a screenplay. But we both stayed “Awake” in the end.

Here’s another perspective by “TV Fanatic”, link

I found a TV News blog by Chris Colley, some similarity to mine, here.

I remember, at a seance in NYC back in the 1970s, someone said, that the essence of witchcraft is that "you create your own reality" and make it stick. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

ABC's "Missing" season Finale: Michael, Becca reunite -- then what happens to Becca?

The finale of ABC’s “Missing”, titled “All the Devils Are Here”, gets Becca back with her son (and her husband) in a moment of joy in Istanbul.  The Becca herself disappears.

But as far as we know, there’s no Season 2. ABC has officially "cancelled" any future for the series. That's the fate of most dramatic shows. 

The “plot” is important because it does involve the smuggling of HEU (highly enriched uranium) and apparently plots of extremist groups in Russia or eastern Europe to make and deploy a weapon, rather Iran style.  The story line does make the point that loose nuclear material in the former Iron Curtain area is a serious national security issue.

Given all the flashbacks in the story, it appears that the producers’ idea of the CIA is that it gives agents considerable autonomy to do dangerous things when  no one agent knows the entire “big picture”.  But then, do the people at the headquarters (much less the stations) really know?  How could they? If they knew, they wouldn’t need ground agents to act like listening posts or “researchers”; they’d just need the hit men. 

In my own novel, I face a problem like that.  Elements of a “virus” brought by extraterrestrials or “angels” that will “contract” society are discovered by the lead characters in my novel.  In my story there are a couple of “abductions”, and a couple of ground kidnappings with limited physical harm, but no shootouts.  My characters don’t face the same lines to test their morality that Ashley Judd’s character does – but, she is a mother protecting her young, after all.  In my setup, there are “overlords” in the Agency (or “The Shop”) who “know”,  but that’s only possible for “Them” (some of whom are fallen).

Becca describes her son Michael  (Nick Eversman) as full of love, and he seems that way.  Michael reminds one a bit of “Will” in “Days of our Lives”.

ABC’s website for the show has a section on Michael’s drawings – he is supposed to be an architecture student.   Somehow this reminds me of WB’s site for “Everwood” and its fictitious essay “Ephram’s Fatal Flaw”, about the piano prodigy teen character.

I didn’t get to see the final episode until today (from ABC’s site), after returning from California.  I missed it the night of airing – the day I flew there.
Pictures: Mine (Nevada UFO country, Las Vegas imitation of Europe, model railroads in PA), relevant to my novel, perhaps.  "Missing" was filmed mostly in the Czech Republic (and Istanbul and Paris).  My settings are western US, Texas, DC, Finland, Russia, Spain.   Below is a picture of "Mercury", near the Yucca test site and depository, supposedly closed.  If so, why is there a "no trespassing" sign with no gate or guard?  A major incident in my novel contains an ingredient shipped and transported through this location.
 It's a good idea for novelists to see how a commercial film or dramatic series handles similar plot concepts.  Answer -- with much more "danger", more "chases", and much less real-world ambiguity and subtlety. 

ABC's "Revenge" does indeed provide a day of "Reckoning"

Well, ABC’s finale to “Revenge”, titled “Reckoning”, was indeed a blowout.  I had to wait to watch it online today, as I was on a plane last night.  And I had to hunt to find it;  ABC’s website first brought up Episode 18.

To say I was on a flight myself sounds ironic, because that’s how matriarch hyena Victoria “gets it” at the end.  I thought private planes had TSA-style security, too.  But not against a plot like this.

Near the end, Victoria, when asked, says she likes to see people get what they deserve.  How prophetic. 

Declan blows off “Charlie”, even in the moment of grief.  I never saw him so assertive.

But the star of the show is, of course, Nolan, or the way Gabriel Mann plays him, with a particularly lithe charisma.  The character is a curious cross of Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes (to add the bisexuality), and Julian Assange.  One could compare Mann’s performance of the character with the way Jesse Eisenberg plays Zuckerberg in “Social Network”.  But Nolan convinces us there is such a thing as a “good” hacker.  We root for him the way a lot of us would root for Assange (I don’t know how that comes across to some).  Mann should get an Emmy nomination next year.

He does, it turns out, survive “The Clutching Hand”, but only when “Emily” rescues him and goes after the “Smersh” albino herself.  The villain comes out the 1960s James Bond world.

Who were the ultimate "villains" depicted on the "movie" on the hard drive that Nolan decrypted?  The government itself?  Libertarianism, anyone? 

As to all the love triangles, well, did anyone really think that “Emily” and Daniel were for real?

One other thing: the producers of the show miss that Long Island had a very mild winter.

Picture: Yesterday, approaching Salt Lake City, with the Salt Lake Flats  in the distance.  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

CNN pairs with HBO on Pacquiao-Bradley match

CNN is partnering with HBO to air four previews of a June 9 boxing match (on HBO Pay Per View) between Manny Pacquiao (the Philippines) and Timothy Bradley (CA) from the HBO 24/2 Reality Series, starting Saturday evening, May 19, according to this account on "Boxing Scene", here.  The preview episodes focus on the life stories of the competitors,

In the early part of the program, Bradley talked about a Christian background.  In a panel discussion toward the end, Manny's coach describes why he took on Bradley.

There is a story on Sports Illustrated of Pacquiao's fighting off allegations of anti-gay remarks, here.

I've always wondered about the glorification of boxing, given the idea that an object is to induce a concussion on your opponent.  The NFL is already taking heat on head injuries.

Here's ESN News on the match.

Friday, May 18, 2012

NBC Today Show visits Cannes Film Festival and hosts cast of "Madagascar 3"

On the NBC Today Show today (hosted y Ann Curry), the crew went to the Cannes Film Festival to present the voice cast of "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted". The film is produced by Dreamworks Animation.

The plot has something to do with crashing a plane and winding up on a circus train trying to get home. The stars say that the message is about "the journey" rather than "the result".

Ben Stiller, Chris Rock (who spoke to a high school assembly with an anti-drug message when I was substitute teaching), and Jada Pinkett Smith appeared. An trailer of the animated film was shown.

Animated film has never been my forte, but I think Lomax is rather cute.

Ann also interviewed a star from "Desperate Housewives", which is ending, about what it's like at Cannes.  Ann has been there all week.

Today also honored the memory of Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco ("Last Dance"). Joyce Trabulus (her manager) and friend (songwriter) Evan Bogart appeared. Donna died of a form of lung cancer even though she did not smoke. But she had been exposed to toxins from 9/11. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Revenge almost to the coda

Well, on the penultimate episode ("Grief") of ABC's "Revenge", Nolan gets the "Clutching Hand"  (and a garroting noose) at the very end, as a reward for all his spying.  Let the hacking end.

And Declan balls when Jack tells him that the family dog is gone. More backstories unfold.

What's the blowout finale going to be like?  Maybe an overtime in Superbowl.

If I got into a time machine, was in my mid 30s and got into the world of this story (back in NYC), I'd be Nolan's "partner". No doubt.  Then Tyler would have killed me as a rival and the story would be different.  Nolan is tantalizing.

This series really grew on me, and it rather surprised me.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Betty White's "Off Their Rockers"; Lucas and Sami react to Will on DOOL

Tonight I sampled Betty White's skit assembly, "Off Their Rockers" (NBC site).

Should I be afraid of a 90 year old woman?  My own mother was as lively as Betty at 90, and stayed that way until about age 95.  She passed away at the end of 2010, just after turning 97.

Remember, Betty White had played Elizabeth in "Life with Elizabeth" in the 1950s.  She would shake her head if asked "Aren't you ashamed?"  I actually teased a classmate named Betsy over this in fifth grade.

Tonight's two episodes had lots of little outtakes, such as Betty riding a people-mover and slowing down Beverly Hills traffic, or Betty doing an oil change,  or the sight of an old man told to keep his eyes to himself, after being caught staring at an attractive male.  That sounds like familiar territory, from an episode on jury duty in Dallas in 1986.

Betty says, "don't mess with us old folks".

Today, on "Days of our Lives", Lucas seemed more accepting of Will's announcement to them of being gay than was Sami, who never saw it coming.  She was just too much into herself. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Obama appears on "The View": his kids have no media use during the school week

President Obama appeared on ABC’s “The View” today.  Early on, he spoke about his opposition to DOMA.  But the most interesting part of the appearance was his discussion of his daughters.

One of the daughters had spoken to him openly about when he is “embarrassed”.

He and Michelle do not allow the daughters to have social media accounts or cell phones alone. That is partly to protect security, he said.  He also does not allow them to watch television during the school week or to use a computer at all except for homework.

Another aside: On "Days of our Lives" today, the character Will told his parents (Sami and Lucas), "I'm gay".  We didn't see their reaction yet. 

ABC Nightline: "High Tech Relationship Wars"

Terry Moran and Jim Avila reported on personal spying by high tech photography and recording devices in “relationship wars” – that is divorce and custody battles, on ABC Nightline Monday May 14.  

In one case, a parent found that a divorced spouse had planted a recording device in a son’s blue jeans.

The legal environment, as the report indicates, is murky.  Generally, for example, the law allows photography and recording in public places, and people are becoming more concerned over time as pictures of them appear in social media, tagged by others.  That concern has become especially noticeable in the past year or so.

But would it allow bugging of a spouse through a child?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

CNN Presents: "Voters in America: Vets Wanted?" examines practical re-employment problems for Guard, Reserves returning from deployments

Voters in America: Vets Wanted?” , with J.R. Martinez, is a powerful one-hour documentary that aired on “CNN Presents” Sunday night May 13, 2012.  The film seems to be part of the CNN “In America” series.  The closest link is here

I had always thought that military employees’ jobs were protected by law. They are to some extent, but there seem to be many loopholes with Guard and Reserve. In practice, many employers don’t want to hire someone who “admits” to being in the Guard or Reserve for fear of deployments.  Also, jobs could have been eliminated because of economic downturn.

And repeated deployments – the so-called “backdoor draft” associated with “stop loss” is a big problem. That observation brings up the question of resuming conscription and "shared sacrifice." 

The documentary told the stories of a number of soldiers, including a guardsman “Cameron” in Georgia who supports his mother and two sisters.  (No, you don’t have to procreate and have your own children to have a family to support.)

The program showed some military law specialists in a building on Columbia Pike in Arlington VA that I recognize, answering legal questions about job rights.

There were examples of guard members who had well-salaried jobs before deployment forced to work for minimum wage when they came back.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an article on the problem by Mackenzie Carpenter and Molly Born, here.

The Department of Labor has a page on legally driven veteran re-employment rights, as stipulated by the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act of 1994 (USERRA, Title 38, Section 43, US Code), link here

The program demonstrated that vets face under-employment.  Many of the skills for which they are certified in the military don’t apply well in many civilian companies.

PBS NewsHour  also ran a story on veterans "falling behind" when deployed in November 2011. "If someone took a bullet for me, the least I can do is restore his job." 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Missing" doesn't do much to present the CIA's "ethics"

I must say, a couple of “moral points” on the ABC show “Missing” have caught my attention (in the most recent episodes, "Answers" and "Promise").

Tonight, one of the CIA officers says (talking about Becca) that the point of intelligence work, at least as the CIA practices it, is to spin webs of deceptions and “true lies”.  It’s anti-feminine.  A journalist could never go to work for the CIA, I guess.  Becca, he says, simply stepped over the line, because no one can see the line.

The week before, young Michael killed a Russian mobster himself while escaping and protecting Oskana.  The script makes a lot of the fact that the killing was justifiable because it was in self-defense and Michael and Oskana must survive. Yet, this sounds like situational ethics.

Tonight, an agent says that Oskana was planted in the estate in order to captivate Michael.  If the kids keep quiet about their misadventure, they’ll live to have a big family.  But at the very end of the episode, there was a bounty on Michael. Who are these, the Russian mafia?

Season finale is next week.

Here’s Nick Eversman (Michael) from SideReel.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Jermaine is NBC's Season 2 "Voice"

Jermaine Paul won the Season Two competition as “The Voice” on Tuesday night on NBC (from LA), winning $100000. He beat Juliet Simms, Tony Lucca and Chris Mann.  The final four results were announced in reverse order, common on reality TV’s.  The finale aired for two hours at 9 PM EDT May 8.

Paul (a father of four) sang "I Believe I Can Fly".

Just before the finale, Justin Bieber performed a new song (“Boyfriend”), walking through a bizarre on-stage tunnel of light, with female dancers, and a kind of jive repetition, maybe not his best musical talent.

The show earlier featured “Purrfect the Cat” repeatedly.


Monday, May 07, 2012

Amazon announces opportunity for comedy, children's TV writers  (that is, Amazon Studios) says it is looking for material for half-hour series (cable and Internet TV and mobile) programs for Amazon Instant Video.

Specifically, it’s looking for comedy (that sounds like situation comedy) and children’s programming in 22 minutes or (alternatively for children) 11 minute segments.
This is not my own interest, which would be more along the lines of drama, suspense, sci-fi (as I cover “Revenge”, “The Event”, “Flash Forward”, “Smallville”, “Everwood”, “The 4400”).  But I thought I would “pass it along”.

In fact, I once worked with a literary agent for whom the only genre he didn’t take was children’s!
Television screenwriting is quite precise because of the time constraints, and Final Draft has separate formats for it.

In the past, Nickelodeon (Paramount) has sponsored internships specifically in children’s writing.

The link for the opportunity, with full details, is here.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

"Grimm" on NBC seems a bit artificial, even if the lead is appealing

I took a look at the NBC series “Grimm” last night.  Portland OR police plainclothesman Nick Burkhardt (Wisconsin native David Giuntoli) is appealing enough (he actually fits the yuppie gay disco stereotype) as the detective with the ability to see supernatural creatures “behind” ordinary people, like the kind only in fairy tales.  Hank (Russell Hornsby) is his tag-team sidekick.

On May 5, the episode “Happily Ever Aftermath” showed a rich woman (NBC calls her a “matriarch”, like a hyena) cutting some people off, both short term and in the will.  When she goes to bed, the house is attacked by a ghostly force that shatters all the glass in the house.  Grimm, in his own hideaway, finds a crude “science fair” invention that can generate glass-shattering noise.  There are also a couple of family villains that can interchangeably take on the visages of vampires.

The NBC site is here

Wikipedia attribution link for Portland picture. My most recent visit: July 1996. 

Friday, May 04, 2012

"Alien Planet" is an intriguing look at a postulated "Earth 2" (Discovery Channel)

Alien Planet”, a 93-minute Discovery Channel documentary, from 2005, by Evergreen Films, directed by Pierre de Lespinois, is one of the most imaginative animated projections of what an “Earth II” (remember the 90s series with Antonio Sabato) could look like.

The film presumes that a binary star system 6.5 light years away has a planet Darwin with average surface temperature of 70 degrees F, lower gravity but thicker atmosphere.  It has lost its oceans. I’m not sure how probable all of this is, given knowledge of the immediate neighborhood of our solar system. (If the atmosphere is thick and the temperature relatively cool, why did the oceans evaporate?)

The probe, launched by a master ship Von Braun with a super computer, has three pieces; the first crashes, but “Leo” (for Da Vinci) and “Ike” are able to explore the planet, and have the artificial intelligence of four year olds. 

Some of the life forms are earth-like, with forests, puffballs and fungus-like organisms, and dinosaur-like predators with sonar, and other herbivores (like the bladderhorns).  On this desert planet, is there enough vegetation to support herds of vegetarian animals?  It gets more interesting, though.  The Texas-sized sea turns out to be a symbiotic eusocial colony of organisms that saves water, and can snatch fliers out of the air.   The planet has very large animals, like the 5-story groveback, that has forests growing from its shell-like back, and even has “electric mushrooms”.  There is a seven-story predator that "forages" in the “sea”.

At the end of the film, we meet the “iosapiens”, who are large, look a bit arthropod-like (as in “Alien”), and have methane-filled bladders for locomotion.  There is an exchange of cultures and greetings at the very end.

With Michio Kaku, George Lucas, Curtis Clark (whose voice sounds like mine), Stephen Hawking, Randy Pollock.

Discovery Channel’s link is here.

Wikipedia attribution link for exoplanet diagram. 

The YouTube for the entire film is here.  It has many interruptions of what sound like commercial breaks edited out, as in a TV series. 

A good comparison is National Geographic’s “Extraterrestrials” (2005, 60 minutes), which looks at five fictitious planets, one of which is tidally locked around an M-star. 

Thursday, May 03, 2012

NBC Today does a silly segment on cosmetic surgery, laser hair removal (no male victims)

The NBC Today Show turned pretty silly this morning with the cosmetic surgery pitches.

One of the female hosts (didn’t get the name) allowed one forearm to be shaved and then treated with a laser, the first of six treatments that it takes to make it “permanent”.  No, they subject a man to this.  But laser epilation has been around for at least a dozen years.  Back in 1998 there was a 20-20 report on it, as I recall. I made a comment about it on my old website tracking my book, and the next day I had emails on it in AOL. 

They did, however, show a 23 year old man who had already had chin surgery to improve his appearance, and made the comment that most corporate CEO’s have cosmetic surgery as part of business strategy.

It reminded me of the early days of my own gay dating in the Village, when at least one date insisted I would buy a wig.  I never did.  “How will you ever find a lover” if you’re bald?  In the straight world, baldness may be a signal that you can survive long enough to actually raise a family. 

Would this all make Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist?

Here’s an earlier Today clip from 2007, by Dr. Cameron Rokhsar.

On “Days of our Lives”, Chad, basically a college youth (and male model) promised Lexie that he would start acting as a godfather for Lexie’s austistic son, since Lexie has little time to live. The rest of the show is pretty silly right now.  Stefano will disown EJ because EJ isn’t his blood, and “only blood can be trusted”.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Cynthia McFadden plays herself on "Revenge"

Tonight, on ABC’s “Revenge”, (Episode 19, “Absolution”) Cynthia McFadden played herself interviewing Daniel Grayson (Joshua Bowman) after he got out of jail.

McFadden said that it took about seven hours to film the two minute sequence.  It was hard work. Even playing herself, she had to learn the lines.  Yes, “charges” is not the same as “allegations”.  The clip this evening actually showed a clip from the teleplay in Final Draft.

And screenwriting for TV is very exacting because of the precise time lengths of episodes.
In the episode, Nolan surfaces with family in Pennsylvania, and later Nolan offers to pay for Declan’s college education.  Out of altruism.  Really. 

There will be three more episodes.  I’m pretty sure that Nolan and Emily are siblings.  

Script above: Mine, from "Do Ask Do Tell"  

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg appears on ABC Good Morning America on May Day

Tuesday morning, May Day 2012, ABC Good Morning America presented Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, at the company’s new headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. 

Mark appeared with his gril friend Priscilla, who he said is becoming a pediatrician.  Facebook announced a new app which allows potential organ donors to register. 

The broadcast reported that Facebook helped relatives find each other and recover some belongings after both the Joplin tornado and Japan earthquake.

The story appears on GMA’s new Yahoo! site here

Curiously, ABC’s own site offered a much longer video (and multiple videos) about Facebook and the organ donation announcement, including the idea that it was Priscilla’s idea that came up in dinners.
The broadcast also mentioned Zuckerberg’s admiration for the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, who received a liver transplant toward the end. The broadcast showed and briefly explained the “Hack” sign, and graffiti (in a sense) is accepted at company headquarters.   Zuckerberg also explained how difficult it is for an adult to learn Mandarin Chinese, which is Priscilla’s native language.

As for camera-shy Zuckerberg, yes, “he’s cute”.  He’s grown a lot since his first appearance on Oprah about four years ago.  He will be 28 this month.

50% of all Americans are on Facebook.  

As with the blood donation issue, MSM may not donate organs.  However, The New York Times reports that Facebook hopes that the organ donation link will, through the friending technology, cause other people to feel "pressured" to join up as donors, as in this story by Matt Richtel and Kevin Sack in the May 2 New York Times, "Facebook urgers members to add donor status", link here. This could put MSM "on the spot" inadvertently. 

But on May 2, ABC reported that on May 1, some states like California reported seeing a whole month's volume of organ donor registries in one day.