Monday, September 03, 2012

CNN Presents: "Obama Revealed" in 2012 answers D'Souza's "2016"

On Labor Day, “CNN Presents” aired the 90-minute documentary, “Obama Revealed: The Man, The President,”  with Gloria Borger, followed by a 30-minute “A Closer Look” with Anderson Cooper. The “film” seems intended to respond to “2016: Obama’s America”, by Dinesh D’Souza, now playing in theaters (movies blog, Aug. 30).  But there was a similar “Obama Revealed” on CNN in 2008.

The presentation gave a chronicle of Obama’s first term, starting with the Crisis of 2008, which is presented as a dire financial crisis left by the Bush administration for Obama to fix (a bigger threat than the Great Depression, according to the rhetoric).  The first critical even was the killing of Osama bin Laden, but it was followed soon by the partisan budget debt ceiling extension debacle in the summer of 2011.  Obama and Boehner seem to talk past each other even today on accounts over the debacle.

Obama is asked if he is aloof about socializing in Washington with politicians, and he says he needs to spend early evenings as a father with his daughters, with family dinner and helping with homework.

David Maraniss, author of “Barack Obama: The Story” appears frequently.

There was mention of the end of “don’t ask don’t tell” and that Obama took his time in doing so, in order that the end result would “last” and survive partisan attempts to reverse the repeal.  It also mentioned his being won over on gay marriage.

The documentary suggested that Obama will not relent on Iran’s having nuclear weapons and could actually intervene militarily, contrary to accusations from the GOP.  Iran is feared as a greater danger for giving nuclear materials to terrorists (related to the now apparent EMP threat) even than North Korea.

In the “Closer Look” Obama discussed, in generality, administration policy on using CIA drones to take out suspected terrorists overseas.

Obama on being a “hands-on dad”.

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Anonymous said...

Most blatant display of CNN Obama bias ever witnessed! A total embarrassment. Apparently, while Romney spent his life being a Morman, Obama had no childhood and began life as President of the United States! You can't even give an honest criticism of the obvious disparity in this sham documentary.