Saturday, September 22, 2012

NBC Dateline: Female kidnap victim convicted of having helped her captor escape from OK prison 17 years before.

On Friday, September 21, NBC Dateline aired a one hour report  “The Devil and Bobbi Parker”. 
Parker was found in East Texas in 2005 with an escaped convict (Randolph Dial), who had jumped from an Oklahoma prison in 1994.  She says she was kept with him for eleven years.  But then the state of Oklahoma extradited and prosecuted her (in 2008) claiming she had helped with the escape.  She didn’t testify, and the jury convicted her. She spent a year in prison for a crime she says she did not commit.

She went right back to her real husband after her rescue. But the state claims she lived as a common law wife with the convict with eleven years, and did not try to notify authorities even when the convict was in the hospital.  She says she was forced to masquerade as a wife by her captor.

Cathy Singer of NBC has the detailed report

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Other than a case in Arkansas recently discussed with the Alford Plea (the West Memphis case), this report seems to present one of the most egregious cases of someone serving a sentence for a crime he or she did not commit. 

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