Tuesday, September 25, 2012

President and Mrs. Obama appear on ABC's "The View" today

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on ABC's “The View” today.  The program must have been taped in NYC, as the president had just spoken live on CNN about the crisis of street violence in the Middle East, especially Libya and Egypt. 

The President said that the well-off should not “close the door behind them” in a way to prevent others from having opportunities. 

He also explained, in his own words, the idea that government cannot monitor speech by citizens, no matter how “offensive”, and that it cannot prevent self-distribution of speech on the Web that troubles others in other countries. The president said that individuals should be mindful of the importance some people put on religious figures and that no group (or its beliefs) should be denigrated for sport.

ABC calls the clip below “The Presidency’s Effect on Marriage”.  But a comment like that suggests that many couples (or potential couples) depend on the social supports for marriage as well as the relationship itself. 

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