Saturday, October 27, 2012

ABC 20-20 covers psychic premonitions

On Friday Oct. 27, ABC 20-20 aired an episode called "The Sixth Sense" and presented personal stories about psychic premonitions.

One person had written a story about the Titanic years before it sank.

A young mother, when her second daughter was born, had an uncomfortable feeling, and insisted an emergency department keep checking the daughter, until they found a deadly intestinal infection requiring surgery.

A man, on 9/11/2001, had a bad feeling about going into the World Trade Center and took a LIRR home back home.

I remember having a dream around 1:30 AM CDT on 9/11 (I was in Minneapolis) about a nuclear attack on Washington DC, and, when waking up shaking, had to reassure myself this was a dream.  I actually left my apartment to walk the Skyway to work right after the first attack had occurred, and had signed off my computer and TV at home.

The broadcast also covered the story of a neurologist who developed meningitis and says he saw Heaven while he was clinically brain-dead.

The link for the broadcast is here.

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