Monday, October 01, 2012

ABC launches "Revenge" Season 2; some "obvious" surprised; Nolan is the storyteller

Just when you thought all possible plot-development opportunities had been exhausted, ABC launched its second season of “Revenge” Sunday night (Sept. 30) at 9 PM EDT. The Season 2 pilot is called "Destiny". 

The series had its second season prequel Wednesday night with Nolan (Gabriel Mann) narrating the first season from his viewpoint.

Nolan is the software entrepreneur and the likable, smart-talking gay character (perhaps bisexual), supposedly a little under 30 years old.  You wonder, is he based on Facebook’s Chris Hughes?   Recently, he has sold his house in the Hamptons and will stay at Emily’s guest house.  Seriously, doesn’t he have a Trump pad in Manhattan so that he can dance at “The Therapy”?

Nolan is also an engaging storyteller, and pretty much has everybody’s moves figured out, as he helps Emily hack into all the Grayson family assets and figure out what happened a decade ago when her father was framed for terrorism.

Perhaps Nolan is a bit of a kibitzer; he has no reason to be "emotionally involved" or share "their" personal risks -- but in season One he did get whacked and kidnapped a couple times anyway (Emily saved him once).  

Early in the episode, Emily is shown taking scuba-diving training in Japan (maybe in “The Cove”).  And then Nolan is shown taking boxing lessons.  (What a perfect, "smooth", slender but muscled body.)

But most of the episode concerns the memorial service for Victoria Grayson, in which her daughter speaks, before being whisked back into rehab by the authorities for failing a trumped-up drug test.

But, surprise, Madeleine turns up (“What are you doing here? she asks Emily).  She never got on that plane at all.  This plot goes much deeper than the Graysons, to the highest levels.

Maybe a cross with “Homeland”? 

Here’s the link for “Revenge 101” at ABC, url

Nolan has changed his bowl haircut (which I thought was becoming) a bit.  

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